Michigan Fair: Great Deals at Any Time of Year in Downtown Marquette

Looking for some after-Christmas deals on quality products? Put away that computer and head to Michigan Fair, one of downtown Marquette’s most popular retailers. Who needs Amazon when you can shop local?

What Is Michigan Fair?

Michigan Fair has been a fixture in downtown Marquette since 1990. The store specialized in selling locally made and sourced products before it was cool, catering to locals, tourists and NMU parents alike. These days, places like Michigan Made Beer Wine & More uphold the shop-local tradition, but Michigan Fair remains a Marquette original.

Like many Washington Street storefronts, Michigan Fair is cozy. But it has possibly the highest density of artisanal and locally crafted products in Marquette’s city limits. Before you stop by, check out its regularly updated Facebook page for the latest arrivals and deals.

Michigan Made Products in Downtown Marquette

The best way to shop at Michigan Fair is definitely to stop by the store, look over and touch (gently) the products on its shelves. The place has a stunning range of items on sale, including:

  • 20150605_151856Books about Michigan and the Upper Peninsula — biodiversity, culture, outdoor recreation and more
  • Locally made souvenirs and stationery
  • Candles, woodware, glassware and other locally made artisanal products
  • Local rocks, minerals and charms
  • Detailed, high-quality maps for hiking, driving and education
  • Skin care and jewelry products
  • Copper crafts made from native copper
  • Branded and U.P.-centric clothing
  • Locally sourced food items like jam, butter and maple syrup

20150605_151956 (1)If you can’t make it to downtown Marquette, though, Michigan Fair has a secure, easy to use online shopping portal and can ship anywhere in the continental United States. You find most in-store merchandise here. However, some limited-run items or new additions may not make it online right away, so your best bet for coveted or late-breaking additions is to visit in person.

Location and Hours

Michigan Fair is located at 114 W. Washington Street in downtown Marquette. It’s open Monday through Friday from 10 am to 6 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. From early June until mid December, roughly coinciding with the summer and fall tourist seasons and holiday shopping season, it’s open on Sundays (following Saturday hours). Get in touch at (906) 226-3894.