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Get a Little Bit More at Lagniappe in Marquette

These days, it’s not hard to find Italian, Chinese or even Thai food in our neck of the woods. But Cajun cooking? Surely Marquette County couldn’t support an authentic Louisiana eatery!

Actually, it can — and a darn good

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Marquette Michigan

Get the Scoop! Awesome Ice Cream Spots in Marquette

Spring has sprung in Marquette County, and what better way to welcome the season than by indulging in ice cream! Marquette is home to some downright delicious options, here are four fantastic ice cream spots to try!


Located in the

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Morgan Falls in Marquette. Photo Credit: Aaron Peterson

Three Must See Waterfalls in Marquette County

April in Marquette brings warmer sunny days along with spring showers and melting snow, which creates spring runoff and a great time to explore the many waterfalls in the area. Marquette County is home to more waterfalls than any other

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The dining room of Caper's Restaurant in the Landmark Inn in downtown Marquette. Caper's is one of the many restaurants featured during restaurant week.

Cure the Winter Blues in Marquette this March!

Even though it may not feel like it outside, spring is quickly approaching. With such a cold and snowy winter that continues to linger on, sometimes it’s tough to crack out of that winter funk. Well, March in Marquette County

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The Ultimate Fat Biking Resource

In the late depths of winter, it’s still possible to get out and rip around on a bike. Marquette County has been getting plenty of media attention this winter due to the ever-booming and ultra-unique niche pastime made popular in

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Marquette Knows Snow

A downhill skier enjoys hitting jumps at the terrain park at Marquette Mountain Ski Area in Marquette.

Claiming that Upper Michigan has gotten a lot of snowfall this winter would be a hefty understatement. With snowfall totals hovering around 140 inches,

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McCarty's Cove

5 Awesome Northern Lights Lookouts near Marquette, MI

One of the most beautiful natural phenomena to witness is viewing the aurora borealis, more commonly known as the northern lights.

Colorful greens, reds, pinks, and oranges wisp over the horizon and illuminate the skies, and this natural wonder of the

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Fine Italian Dining in Marquette? Fuhgeddaboutit!

Marquette is about as far from Italy as you can get, but don’t tell that to the folks who run Casa Calabria. Marquette’s original Italian restaurant is also, arguably, its finest, with a sprawling menu and an unrivaled atmosphere that

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Make What You Want at Hot Plate Pottery

If you have kids and live in the Marquette area, you’ve probably heard of Hot Plate Pottery. After all, what creative-minded kid can resist the thought of decorating their own ceramic shapes, firing them in a super-hot kiln, and

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5 Things to Eat at Border Grill in Marquette

If you know Marquette at all, you probably know Border Grill. This homegrown restaurant franchise has three locations throughout the county, each of which serves fresh, tasty, TexMex-inspired food in a family-friendly atmosphere. Next time you’re in the neighborhood,

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What’s Up With Those Yooper Shirts?

Whether you’re a lifelong Yooper or only visit once in a great while, you wouldn’t be reading this post if you didn’t have a special place in your heart for Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. But short of making the trip

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The 5 Most Haunted Places in Marquette County

With the days shortening and Halloween fast approaching, every unexplained sound and sighting takes on a spooky meaning that leaves us looking for supernatural answers. Though Marquette County is mostly known for its breathtaking natural beauty and

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Beer of the Month – The Ore Dock Porter!

We’re excited to announce something new here at Travel Marquette that we hope to make a monthly feature… the “Beer of the Month”!

The Porter from Ore Dock Brewing

Since Marquette County is home to more breweries than any

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Marquette County is an IMBA Ride Center!


Contact: Joanna Wilbee Amis (906) 399-8757 Candy Fletcher, CVB (906) 228-7749


MARQUETTE, MI (August 5, 2014) – Mountain biking in Marquette

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Driving through a rain and hail storm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on the Seney Stretch of Highway M-28.

5 Things to Do in Marquette in the Rain

Marquette’s not Southern California. If you want day after day of bright sunshine and predictable temperatures, this isn’t the place for you. But we do look forward to the warm season, counting every sunny, mild day as a blessing. As

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5 Reasons to Visit Das Steinhaus

As one of Marquette’s newest restaurants, Das Steinhaus is getting a lot of well-deserved press. While we can’t promise not to say some things that have already been said about the place, that’s mostly because these things bear

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Everyday Wines Isn’t Your Everyday Party Store

You’d think a store with a name like “Everyday Wines” would be pretty ho-hum. Maybe they’d stock a huge volume of bottles from a handful of well-known distributors, one would imagine, or offer discounted California wines that appeal to casual

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Did You Get Your Fill of Restaurant Week?

A couple of weeks ago, Marquette’s third annual Eastside Originals Restaurant Week – known simply as “Restaurant Week” in these parts – went off without a hitch. In what’s quickly becoming an annual tradition for Marquette County residents,

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Visiting the Superior (Yooper) Dome

In most cities, the most prominent skyline feature is a building or tower. Not so for Marquette. Long before the rest of the city comes into focus, travelers approaching from the east catch a glimpse of the majestic Superior Dome

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The Trenary Outhouse Classic: A U.P. Original

The village of Trenary is located about halfway between Marquette and Gladstone, just east of the junction of U.S. Highway 41 and M-67. It’s a small commercial outpost in the heart of the central U.P. that serves a

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All About Blackrocks Brewery

In a typical year, Marquette County’s restaurant patios are covered with snow by late November, and they often don’t open again until the middle of May. That doesn’t stop locals and visitors from celebrating the area’s four distinct seasons with

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Making it to Top of the World

A lot of places can reasonably claim to be at the “top of the world.” The Himalayan Range, for instance, which is the world’s tallest mountain chain, or the Tibetan Plateau, its highest plain. Slightly lower, but still lofty, places

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Good Beer and Good Times at the Ore Dock (Brewery)

How many cities have a hometown brewery for every 7,000 inhabitants? Not many, that’s for sure. Marquette is one of the lucky ones: With three microbreweries and just over 20,000 souls, the city doesn’t have to worry about going thirsty.

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So You Want to Climb Hogback?

For such a prominent peak, Hogback inspires plenty of uncertainty. Its name is the subject of some confusion: Many visitors, and even some locals, refer to it as “Hogsback.” Most maps drop the ‘s,’ though, so we’ll follow their lead.

Snowshoeing at Presque Isle

Experience Another Season on Presque Isle

Photo by Amanda Schreiber

To Marquette locals Presque Isle is home to the favorite cliff jumping area, Black Rocks. It’s one of the first places you bring summer guests, it’s the first place

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The Landmark Inn Changes Hands, Remains Awesome

There’s no question about it: The Landmark Inn is a Marquette institution. It opened as the Hotel Northland in 1930 and immediately became the most opulent tourist destination between Duluth and Mackinac Island. As the Northland, it played host to such

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Get Your Feet Wet at Morgan Falls

Although there is some debate on whether this water fall is Morgan Falls or rather just a random unnamed waterfall, there is no debate by the people that visit that this is a gorgeous area that is worth

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Feel Alive at Dead River Falls

The Dead River is a wild forty-three mile river in Marquette County that flows directly into Lake Superior. Although one can view this river from many different places, the most exciting place to visit it is a mile-long adventure hike

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Snowy Plains Sled Dog Adventures

Have you ever watched the U. P. 200 Sled Dog Races?  Have you ever wondered what it was like race in the Iditarod?  You can experience something similar at the Snow Plains Kennel.  The Snowy Plains Kennel

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See the View from Sugarloaf Mountain

Marquette is full of beautiful views but Sugarloaf Mountain is easily one of the best. It’s panoramic view of Lake Superior combined with a gorgeous view of all the surrounding area make Sugarloaf a must see when visiting Marquette!