Over the past couple weeks, we’ve been hard at work redesigning our website to make it both a better experience for visitors and a better representation of who we are. Along the way, we parted ways with some things that used to give us our look (light gray pinstripes, the 70% grays, and overall flat and empty look of the site).

Our goal was to make the site more “full screen” in appearance and allow our work to be more visible. We also wanted to work on some more technical things such as easy navigation and visually exciting content.

The first change you’ll probably notice is the giant, full width headers on our homepage and portfolio pages. We used an image for each service we offer (web, photo, graphic) in a grid which changes based on which page you’re on. As you scroll down the page, the image actually scrolls at a different speed to give a floating effect to that box (this is known as parallax scrolling).

We changed the way users navigate our site as well. Using a fixed navigation bar, it sits at the top of the page no matter where you are on the site. This way, users can move on our website with even greater ease.

From there we reworked each portfolio page to better display our projects. The web portfolio uses an image of a MacBook, iPhone, and iPad to display how our sites adapt responsively. Our graphics page features a grid of image links that lead to pages explaining each project and highlighting the work and process. Finally, our photo page now displays a more complete collection of our photo work, not just an image or two from each shoot.


Realizing that our website didn’t fit who we were as a company and brand, we decided to fix that. While it can be hard to part ways with existing styles and looks, it’s better than losing potential clients or customers. This holds true to every business and organization, not just ours. Should you RE:THINK your website to make sure you are properly representing who you are?

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