Three Must See Waterfalls in Marquette County

April in Marquette brings warmer sunny days along with spring showers and melting snow, which creates spring runoff and a great time to explore the many waterfalls in the area. Marquette County is home to more waterfalls than any other county in Michigan. Here are three falls that are worth exploring due to their easy access and immense beauty.

1. Dead River Falls


Dead River Falls in Marquette. Photo:

Dead River Falls are a must see this time of year. Located in the woods right near the dead end of Forestville Road off Wright Street in Marquette, a quick trip in the car from downtown will get you in close proximity to the falls. A meandering trail along the Dead River banks behind the river dam takes hikers right up the side of the falls. About a 30 minute hike with a few elevation changes makes the falls easy to reach and the views are astounding.

2. Morgan Falls (Pictured: Left)

Although smaller in size compared to Dead River Falls, Morgan Falls makes the list due to the easyaccessibility. By taking a quick drive down a dirt turn off road off M-553 across from the base of the Marquette Mountain Ski Area, one can nearly drive to the base of these falls. Vehicles can navigate this road just fine with slower speeds, though a four wheel drive vehicle is recommended. Drive about a mile and a half, where Morgan Creek is visible, to the parking area. Located just a stone’s throw from the parking area are the falls, where the Carp River meets Morgan Creek. At about 20 feet tall, these falls are quite fascinating.


Alder Falls in Big Bay, MI. Photo Credit: Habibi Photography

3. Alder Falls

One of the larger and more predominant falls in Marquette County is Alder Falls. Relatively easy to find, these falls can be visited without having to travel on seasonal or old forest roads. Located about 20 miles north of Marquette on County Road 550 near Big Bay, these falls cascade over an old rock slide at a 45 degree angle and are a magnificent sight to behold. Drive north from Marquette on CR-550 towards Big Bay. Eventually you will reach a truck trail marked “N3071 to N3077.” Follow this trail for approximately a half mile until you reach a foot path, on the right, near a sign that reads “No Motorized Vehicles.” Hike down this trail and it will lead you straight to the falls. Have the camera ready as these powerful falls won’t disappoint!

These are just three of the 77 documented waterfalls in Marquette County, all of which are worth exploring in their own right. For more specific directions, grab a copy of our Marquette County waterfall map right here on our website.

Barry Winslow is Director of Public Relations and Social Media at Travel Marquette.