Bike the 7 Mile Stretch (From Presque Isle to the Welcome Center)

The seven-mile stretch of paved bike path from Presque Isle Park to the welcome center on Marquette’s south end makes for an excellent, beginner friendly bike ride. The trail is nicely paved, only crosses a few streets and runs along a beautiful stretch of Lake Superior shoreline the entire way. (This ride is partly on the City Multi Use Path and partly on the Iron Ore Heritage Trail.)

marquette mi multi use path

This curvy section lies just south of the ore dock.

Where to Start?

Drive to Presque Isle Park and park in the parking lot at the park’s entrance. The bike path is visible from the side of the parking lot furthest from the lighthouse (and near the ice cream stand). From there, you’ll bike east for a few blocks before the bike path crosses Lakeshore Blvd. You’ll stay between the lake and the road for the remainder of the ride, and it’s a beautiful place to be.

Presque Isle to Mattson Lower Harbor Park

The bike path crosses a few low traffic streets (mostly parking areas) as you ride past Picnic Rocks, McCarty’s Cove, the Marquette Maritime Museum and Lighthouse and then past Mattson Lower Harbor Park.

marquette michigan mutli use path

You’ll cross this bridge on the way to the welcome center.

Mattson Lower Harbor Park to the Welcome Center

The section of trail just past Mattson Lower Harbor Park crosses a few busy side streets, so be weary here. However, this is just a short section as the trail soon closes in on the Lake Superior Shoreline and moves you away from traffic. The entire bike path is separated from vehicle traffic, but the final stretch (from South Beach to the welcome center) runs right next to the lake and far away from the highway.

Once you reach the welcome center, stop in and take a look. It offers a plethora of excellent (free) information about the area as well as clean public restrooms. And if you don’t have one yet, we highly recommend picking up a copy of the Marquette Waterfall Map, which also includes beaches and scenic sights.

michigan welcome center in marquette mi

Your destination! The welcome center.

And of course, now that you’ve reached your destination and have a feel for this section of the bike path, you can turn around and have an easy, lakeside ride back to Presque Isle Park. And don’t forget about that ice cream stand.

Want more information about biking in Marquette County? We have an entire website devoted to it! Visit to get started.