Marquette Knows Snow

A downhill skier enjoys hitting jumps at the terrain park at Marquette Mountain Ski Area in Marquette.

Claiming that Upper Michigan has gotten a lot of snowfall this winter would be a hefty understatement. With snowfall totals hovering around 140 inches, Marquette County as well as neighboring northern Michigan areas have seen some of the most drastic snowfall totals in the nation. While many cities flinch at the sight of intense snowfall and the following action of removing it off the streets and parking areas, Marquette is happy to be the exact opposite.

Snow isn’t just cold in Marquette, it’s cool! Snow in Marquette is embraced, and not only for its beauty but for the fact that it serves an honest purpose to the life we live. We pile it, groom it, move it onto our streets for recreational events, play in it, and even hope for it to fall! That’s right, Marquette knows snow.

With the very cold temperatures and immense snowfall totals in Marquette County, trail conditions are pristine. Groomers have been out in full force prepping the trials for snowmobile use, fat tire snow biking, cross country skiing, and snowshoeing. Even in the towns, snow is celebrated and welcomed as the winter season continues to linger on.

Instead of permanently melting down the snow and running it through the drainage systems, the snow is handled and shifted around so that winter recreational enjoyment can be achieved for all enthusiasts. Snow is hauled into downtown streets for the UP 200 Sled Dog Race and then recycled again the following week for the Downtown Showdown Rail Jam trick ski and snowboard competition. Even new events, such as the 906 Polar Roll Snow Bike Race, are popping up to allow the user to delve into the wonderful resource of snow the area has to offer.

You see, Marquette County embraces that not only the cold, but really cool natural resource known only as snow! Navigate north, whether it is by snowmobile, car, or plane to Marquette County this winter and come experience a place that knows what to do with the snow!