Get Your Feet Wet at Morgan Falls

morgan falls3Although there is some debate on whether this water fall is Morgan Falls or rather just a random unnamed waterfall, there is no debate by the people that visit that this is a gorgeous area that is worth a visit.

Need a refresher?

This waterfall is commonly called Morgan Falls, however there is argument stating that Morgan Falls is one of the drops a little upstream and that this drop is simply a picturesque 20 foot drop at the end of Morgan Creek as it joins with the Carp River.  Near the ski hill on M-553 a few miles out of downtown Marquette, up a dirt road approximately 1.4 miles you can visit this waterfall yourself!

The dirt road leading to the falls changes conditions with the seasons. During the summer it may be passable with a two wheel drive car, but with rain comes mud and then it is only passable by four wheel drive vehicles. However if you do not have the proper vehicle do not worry! This road is great for hiking, and the South Marquette bike trails also take you there (directions for this route is below).  If you have an active family, this hike or ride is very family friendly. If you happen to make it on vehicle then this is perfect family outing. Take a lunch and hang out for a little bit! There is plenty of riverbank to morgan falls1set up a picnic and the base of the waterfall is only a foot deep at most with some sandy parts. My friends are known for dipping their heads under the falls to get a cool refresher.

My experience at Morgan Falls (or whatever it is called)

The first time I visited this scenic little area was in the early summer. The road was easily passable by a jeep, and I did see some two wheel drive vehicles at the parking area above the falls. My visit at the beginning of November began with hiking the road as I knew my two wheel drive Ford car would not make it through the puddles. I did puddle jump to see how deep the water was and it was approximately a foot deep in the deepest spots. As mentioned before, the road is 1.4 miles long to the staircase leading to the falls. It took me 25 minutes at a brisk walking pace.

Once I got to the falls I jumped right in attempt and get the best photos and brrrr! The water was way warmer and much for refreshing in July. There are areas where you can see that people have had campfires and pitched tents. I’ve always wanted to camp in this area, however never have. Next summer!

morgan falls5Bottom Line

This is one of the easiest waterfalls to access in Marquette if you have a four wheel drive car. But even if you don’t, take the time to hike to road and visit this picturesque ‘Unnamed’ Morgan Falls.

Other Things to Note

Mosquitos can be a problem depending on the season, so bring repellent just in case!

If you are up for an adventure you can follow the Carp River upstream to more waterfalls. However, be warned: this is a little bit of a precarious trail in and out of gorges and should not be attempted after a rainy period.

How to get there?

From US-41 turn on to M-553 away from town (turn towards Econo Foods). Approximately 2.5 miles on M-553 you are going to turn right onto a dirt road that labeled as Marquette Mt Road on Google Maps but is not labeled in person. I included a picture of where the road is as there are a couple different turns you can make. It is the last one before you reach the ski hill, so if you reach Marquette Mountain, you’ve gone too far.  

If you do take your car up the road you will go that 1.4 miles until you see a small parking area on the left and a sign labeling the area. There is a staircase leading down to the base. If you reach a wooden bridge, you’ve gone too far. If you don’t want to take your vehicle on the dirt road you can leave your car right at the beginning or across the street. If you want to take the route on your bike follow the green makers which label the Morgan Creek Loop trail. You can also simply ride your bike along the dirt road.

– Photos and text by Marquette resident Amanda Schreiber.