Beer of the Month – January 2015 – Marquette Harbor Brewery / The Vierling – Blueberry Wheat

With all the excellent microbreweries and different beer choices available in Marquette County, it’s hard to pick and choose a “Marquette Original Beer”.  But, if there were to be a “first” Marquette classic, we would reason to guess it would be the Blueberry Wheat beer from Marquette Harbor Brewery in the Vierling Restaurant.

blueberry beer the vierling marquette michiganCrafted in 1995 and perfected over time, the Blueberry Wheat is a delicious mix of a refreshing light wheat flavor with a subtle punch of blueberry citrus that finishes off smoothly on your palate. Not all fruit flavored beers are equal, and it is important to know that true “beer flavor” fans should not be turned off by its natural blueberry finish.

When it comes to a process, Marquette Harbor Brewery gets the Blueberry Wheat formula right time after time due to two consistent factors. The first is their brewing system, which is a 5 barrel micro-brewing set up made in an old Soviet Union boiler factory that was brought over to Marquette all the way from Budapest, Hungary. The second is Marquette Harbor’s own brew master and beer guru known only as Chumly. A very scientific and scholarly brewer, Chumly has amassed a cult following in the area and is known for his consistent and flavorful results.

Owner Terry Doyle follows the belief that the old European standards of beer have been brought to sheer perfection and that “by sticking to them, you’re going to get the best beer you’re ever going to make.”

One thing’s for certain, the natural blueberries that dance upon the beer’s carbonated bubbles are a delicious treat after that final swig! If you’re looking for a refreshing beer that has garnered one heck of a reputation, you’ve got to stop into the Vierling Restaurant and order up a Blueberry Wheat!